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Summer's Lament [OPEN]

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Summer's Lament [OPEN]

Post  Tiger-Lily on Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:31 am

When she stepped through the entrance of Greenwich Hotel, the first thing that hit Carrie Schikovsky was that there was a serious upside to being an upperclassman. Or woman.

Her residence building was a definite upgrade over last year's first-year residency. Tucking a strand of golden-blond hair back into her ponytail, Carrie examined the well-cared-for lobby with approval in her brown eyes, nearly swinging her gigantic duffel bag into the shoulder of a guy walking past. He glowered and she smiled meekly, hastening on with her two suitcases. The rest of her stuff was currently safe under the heated glare of her best friend, waiting out front with an excited beagle by her side.

Carrie hastened into the elevator, impatiently jabbing the button for the third floor. Suite 30...what was it again? Oh shit. Numbers were never something she kept track of very easily.

Carrie fumbled in the pockets of her denim shorts for the piece of paper with her room assignment scribbled on it.

After nearly dropping both suitcases on the foot of an aggrieved blond next to her, Carrie huffed and pulled out her cell phone, speed-dialling her back-up.

"Lyn?" she began uncertainly as the elevator stopped on the third floor and everyone in the vicinity looked impatiently at her. Carrie stumbled out, kicked out her bags and duffel, and cleared her throat, flustered. "Um, do you remember what -?"

"307," a tired voice answered her. "Now will you just get back down here? This bellboy is giving me a perverted look. He's approaching me. If he molests me, it'll be your fault - "

"What bellboy?" Carrie asked, baffled. Did a college rez have bellboys?! Carrie nudged her suitcases and duffel down the hall, looking for suite 307. "Um, Lyn, I don't think he's a bellboy..."

She could hear her friend's beagle barking excitedly in the background and a sudden dread filled Carrie. Leave it to a redheaded Frenchwoman to pick fights with innocent bystanders before the first day of school.

Carrie hung up swiftly to free her hands enough so she could look for her key and keycard lanyard. Not finding it in her shorts pockets either, she was in some despair when she felt a thick lump in the side of her hi-top Converse.

Kneeling, she extracted the keycard lanyard out of the side of her shoe, sheepishly remembering she'd unceremoniously stuffed it there when leaving the cab, afraid she'd drop it.

She shoved the key into its designated slot and the door swung open. She clamped the keycard between her teeth and dragged her stuff over the threshold, looking around in relief.

It seemed the suite was empty. Carrie walked to her corresponding dorm room and unlocked that with the keycard, entering and dumping her suitcases in the middle of the floor.

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Summer's Lament

Post  crm51 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:35 am

"It's somewhere around here..." thought Lucas Cermak, burdened as he was by the bags he carried. It was good to be back at NYU for a second year after the summer break. Or was it? It was summer break after all...a summer break that seemed to be over oh-so soon. Looking at his Residency slip from the Campus Housing Office, he read and re-read numerous times the address he was given for his dorm room this year. This was definately the right building. Was he on the right fllor...or even the right wing? Must be...isn't he?
Extracting the arm of his sunglasses from inside his mouth, he let his bags drop to the floor as he pushed his sunglasses back on his head. He was glad he pulled them out of his day pack before he left the Housing Office, since it was pretty bright outside on the way over there. Mumbling to himself darkly, he reread the slip of paper.
Yup...he was in the right area of the building. Picking up his baggage- yet again, he ambled his way down the hall to his assigned room. Using the keycard, he opened the door and waddled in with his stuff. The air was still a little musty and stuffy from the room being closed most of the summer. Opening a window would solve that soon enough. Right now, he need to unpack and settle in to his dorm room.
He stretched as he let his bags (yet again) fall to the floor, dropping his backpack on his bed. Being an athlete- a reasonably sucessful one at that, he had a lean Y-shaped body. His muscular shoulders were wide and conveyed a sense of innate strength possessed by him. They complimented his toned chest and strong looking arms. Plunging steeply inwards, his waist betreyed not an inch or pound of surplus fat. His legs were equally toned as the rest of him, with rubbery muscules evident under his summer tanned sink.
His plain apple green cotton t-shirt betryed the first signs of sweat from the summery weather outside. It hung off his upper body and was loose enough at the bottom to allow air flow to cool the rest of him. Luckily he choose to wear his board shorts as opposed to jeans or his canvas walk shorts today. The light material of the board shorts had saved him a world of irritation with sweat and chaffing. His feet however had to contend with his skateshoes, since the rest of his footwear was stowed somewhere in his baggage.

Looking around the dorm room...he was satisfied. Yes. This would do for this year- he was quite happy here. Question was: who- if at all, would be his room-mate this year?

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Re: Summer's Lament [OPEN]

Post  Tiger-Lily4 on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:55 am

[[OoC: Sorry about the delay. School @__@]]

Having satisfied himself that his twin wouldn't lose his way to his own place, Ashton Moretti had headed for his new dorm room, armed with enough boxes to cart the population of a small town. Stumbling down the hall, he searched for his appropriate suite number and found it way at the damn end.

He opened the suite's door with his key and then shoved it back in his pocket while he carted his boxes and suitcases over the threshold. He could instantly hear movement inside the suite. One of his dorm mates was here. Ashton avoided a falling box full of Lovecraft reads and tilted his head, dark eyes scrutinizing the living room of the suite He knew there were four rooms to each suite, so two people, he calculated, were still to come.

Closing the front door, he stepped around his miniature mountain of luggage and headed toward the dorm rooms, pulling out the keycard he'd picked up downstairs. He slipped it into the appropriate dorm room and pushed open the door.

Then he paused and looked back across the hall, spotting a flash of movement.

Ashton pulled his sunglasses off and shoved them in the pocket of his cargo pants, heading across the hall on a whim. He leaned against the doorway where he'd seen the other guy. Reaching out, he knocked on the half-closed door. "Hey."

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Re: Summer's Lament [OPEN]

Post  crm51 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:47 pm

[[No probs...it happens Smile ]]

No time like the present to start unpacking his life...yet again in his dorm room. Where to start was the question. He shrugged...
He opened on of his bags and scratched around before he fould his toiletery bag and a clean towel. He lay them out by the door of his room so that he could find it when he stumbled out of bed bleary eyed in the early morning or when he came home addled brained after a long hard work out. Putting things in a particular place and knowing that hey would be there was a good thing, since it made the dorm room more like home with a secure sense of 'everything has a place and a place for everything'.
Idlely as he unpacked his clothes for hanging up in his closet or stuffing in his assigned chest of drawers, he wondered who and what his dorm mates would be like this year. His dorm mates from last year were a good bunch of guys- they hung out togther, talked a lot and sorted out their personal problems quietly...well, most of of the time- he had to help pry two of them apart one night when they had a serious beef and took to beating the hell out of each other.
Pulling a chair out at the student desk, he set up his laptop computer and made sure that he had all the cables and attachments, as well as placing the stack of rewriteable CDs and data sticks he would need to write assignments and essays on this year.
A little while later he heard a knock on his dorm room door.
"Just a minute..." he called as he untangled himself from the desk. He hoped he it was one of his new dorm mates arriving, since it was a little too quiet in the room and he for a little company right then as he settled in. He would have been lieing if he said his heart wasn't racing right then. So embarrassing...
He opened the door widely and saw a guy standing there.
"Hey there.... he smiled in greeting, "so, you like my new room mate?" he asked expectantly.

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Re: Summer's Lament [OPEN]

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