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Basic Roleplay Rules

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Basic Roleplay Rules

Post  Tiger-Lily on Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:24 am

We're not very stern about things here - else this wouldn't be fun. But we do have a few basic rules to keep things running smoothly. Half of these rules most RPers already know.

I. General Rules:

  • DON'T spam.
  • DON'T post ads of any kind (there will be a forum for advertising other roleplays soon)
  • DON'T insult other members on a personal level. Behave courteously.
  • DON'T use profanity in threads/chats unless through the voice of a character.
  • DO let an RPer you are engaged with know if you will be absent for longer than a week.
II. When Posting:

  • DO use reasonable grammar, punctuation, spelling and common sense.
  • DO write more than two-line posts if possible to give others something to work with. Focus on characters' emotional responses, physical responses, the five senses, their surroundings, their mental monologues, their impulses, etc.
  • DO keep RPing inclusive to all members where possible (e.g. two characters are having an intentional private one-on-one where interruptions don't need to occur).
  • DO keep it PG-13: no explicit sexual references, cursing is allowed (they're college kids!), sex scenes must fade to black, no porno/erotica/adult content.
  • DON'T overuse CAPS unless your character is screaming.
  • DON'T God-Mod other characters without their player's permission.
  • DON'T alter logical/realistic reality (your character will die falling off the Empire State Building and hitting the ground).
  • DON'T disrespect other characters/players.
  • DON'T try to ruin plots other people ma be involved in unless you think it is necessary/will strengthen the plot.
III. When Moving from One Scene to Another:

  • DO use double [[ ]] square brackets when shifting from one setting to another (see example here)
  • DO mention which characters are going where (see above example - Idiots is a group nickname for five of the boys)
  • DO use hyperlinks to connect the story parts to each other (the option on the Post Editor that says Link). If this is tricky, drop me an IM.
IV. When Posting a New Location Topic:

  • DO ensure the location you need does not already exist first (Search bar).
  • DO make locations reasonably titled (e.g. if they are campus buildings, use "Arts Building", etc.)
  • DO place well-known buildings in NYC in the appropriate forums (e.g. Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan)
  • DO use the given Manhattan location forums (SoHo, Little Italy) appropriately.
  • DO use the other boroughs of NYC if you want to. Make appropriate home/other location threads directly into each borough forum.

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