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Ice Rink: Shattering Illusion [Seth]

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Re: Ice Rink: Shattering Illusion [Seth]

Post  JulietsCurse on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:37 pm

"Big Mac is fine." Rosemary nodded, and licked her lips grabbing her chapstick from her pocket and put some on. She really didn't want her lips splitting and they had gotten really chapped. "I don't need something five star or whatever, that's kinda stupid."

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Re: Ice Rink: Shattering Illusion [Seth]

Post  Tiger-Lily on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:41 pm

"And it'd take like a half an hour wait for your appetizers to even get there," Seth added, thinking with a shudder of all the snobby places he'd had to eat at.

He reversed the car out of the parking spot and turned into the main road, reaching over and typing McDonalds into his GPS to spot the nearest one. It was just down the street, thankfully. Seth glanced at Rose as they merged with traffic.

"You ever think about going back to racing?" he asked curiously. He didn't see how anyone could forget the sensation of flying down an empty road in a powerful vehicle, blurring time and distance with reckless ferocity. Admittedly, it was a point in Rose's favor that just made her even more desirable that she could understanding racing. Most girls couldn't.

[[Seth and Rose to McDonald's]]

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