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Four Years Later...[James/Ash/Luke]

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Re: Four Years Later...[James/Ash/Luke]

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:20 pm

Haley decided to go see James again a bit after she had calmed down, she walked back into his room and she saw him resting. She looked around his room a few times and looked down at James noticing the wedge of paper in his shirt pocket, she arched an eyebrow remembering when she had seen him earlier that it had not been there.

She reached over and picked it out of his pocket gently as not to wake him, she unfolded it and read the note's contents her eyes wideneing as she did, "Oh my god..." She released a faint whisper.

Haley folded the note and slid it into her back pocket and walked back out into the waiting room towards Luke and pulled him aside, "Luke look this is from Ev." Haley took out the note and handed it to Luke.


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Re: Four Years Later...[James/Ash/Luke]

Post  Tiger-Lily on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:24 pm

Luke frowned and glanced at the signature at the bottom. "Um, Haley, I'm hoping you didn't read it then. Bit of a breach of privacy. Go put it back, I'd say." He frowned some more. "Um, Ev left..."

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